Update by user Jan 12

The company refunded the shipping cost to make up for the late delivery.

Update by user Dec 27, 2018

Item was finally delivered on December 27, two days after Christmas.

Original review posted by user Dec 25, 2018

On November 17, I ordered a signed "The Luckiest" print for my husband for his Christmas present. The web site had said "All orders placed by December 6, 2018, will be shipped in time for Christmas." December 11th, I had still not heard a thing so I replied to the order confirmation.

Mike K responded and said that Ben had just signed the prints this past weekend and that they are being shipped out that week. December 17 rolls around and I still have not heard anything regarding it being shipped, so I email them again. This time Mike K passed me on to Sandi. Sandi responded that the item was being shipped that day and UPS should be sending me the tracking number (which technically was incorrect, the label was created that day, it didn't ship until the 18th).

December 20th, still no tracking number. Mind you, this was my main gift for my husband. I didn't have a back up took our budgeted amount plus some of my own allowance savings to purchase. I was getting nervous.

I had to reach out again to get the tracking number. After all is said and done, the item did not arrive by Christmas. I am writing this on 12/24 9pm package. :( I am so disappointed.

It wouldn't be such a big deal if I had ordered this last week and it didn't make it...that would be my fault. I ordered this more than a month ago (and more than two weeks before their cutoff time).

Product or Service Mentioned: Ben Folds Photography Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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